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Unique all year round!

Every visitor to Corfu, realises the peculiarity of this hospitable Mediterranean island at the first glance.  Since the 19th century, Corfu attracted the aristocrats of Europe who wanted to get to know the Mediterranean.

It was one of the first Greek islands to develop as a tourist destination, charming members of the international jet set and citizens of the world who found in Corfu both nobility and natural beauty. Today the charm of Corfu is known all over the world, touching countless visitors with its many charms, because it truly has it all: nature, beautiful beaches, infrastructure, architecture, culture, cosmopolitan flavour and colourful inhabitants.

Corfu is perfect all through the year: in spring it blossoms and attracts thousands of people thanks to its famous Easter celebrations. In summer it is the ultimate holiday island. In autumn the foliage is poetically romantic. In winter it comes alive with the customs of the celebration of Saint Spyridon’s name day and Christmas. 

Corfu offers all year round unique relaxation and fun to its residents and visitors alike.

Old Town of Corfu

The Old Town of Corfu looks like a magical backdrop built up by historical events. People have always defended themselves against hostile invaders by building forts, fortresses and a protected city within walls (only some of them are still standing). Historical events brought European conquerors and protectors who influenced the culture, customs, and temperament of the inhabitants. 

Due to the unique architecture of the city in relation to its defence, the Old Town of Corfu has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. 

Its most beautiful feature is that while it is a World Heritage Site, it remains a vibrant city with people living, working, doing business, going to school and living day to day life. 

Wander the narrow streets of the Old Town, perhaps from a window you will hear a musician rehearsing. Cross the famous Liston, a building “commissioned” by Napoleon the Great during the French conquest of the Ionian Islands.  Walk through the sprawling Spianada Square, admire the British Palace of St. Michael and George Palaces and stroll in the adjacent Garden.

Light a candle at the church of Saint Spyridon who is said to have performed miracles and have your photo taken in the square of Panagia Kremasti. Admire the San Giacomo building, the first lyrical theatre in Greece and enjoy your drink, coffee, dinner in the Old Town.

 Corfu offers all year-round unique moments of relaxation and good life to its residents and visitors. It is very indicative that great personalities such as the Empress of Austria Elizabeth, the Rothschild family, great businessmen and important artists have built residences in Corfu.

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Countryside and Beaches

Almost completely green with mountains, lakes and plains, and especially magnificent beaches all along the coastline, Corfu is a mosaic of natural beauty.

The endless olive groves, the variations of the natural landscape and the road network stretching from one end of the island to the other, make it a pleasure to explore.

Despite the development of tourism since the 1950s, Corfiot nature remains unspoilt with extremely rich vegetation in every shade of green.

All along the coast there are beautiful beaches with golden sand, some with white pebbles, some rocky, many organized with luxurious facilities and others a deserted private paradise, to create the perfect summer destination.

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The villages of Corfu, full of local atmosphere and hospitable inhabitants, welcome visitors to the cafes in the small squares. All around, the old houses and buildings bear witness to the life of a bygone era. 

The scattered monuments of various periods all over the island highlight Corfu’s long, great history.

Corfu’s countryside, which dresses in different colours every season of the year, is irresistibly beautiful and interesting.