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Corfu Villa Nera

A magical hill top setting and amazing sea view.

Welcome to the luxurious Villa Nera in Kefalomandouko Corfu.

Wherever you are in Villa Nera, Greece’s myriad colours unfold right before your eyes! The deep blues of the sea and sky, the thousand shades of green found in nature, the white of little boats and whitewashed churches. The shimmering gold of the sunrise and the deep red colours of the sunset at dusk. At any time of day, the natural sounds, rustling leaves, chirping of birds, the breeze and the waves combine in a wonderful natural symphony.

The luxury Villa Nera, Corfu was created in the spirit of fine living by the locally based Vlahopoulos family and is available for discerning visitors who enjoy comfort and luxurious living. Villa Nera’s outdoor and interior areas soothe the senses, offer the best in modern amenities and celebrate unique Mediterranean lifestyle.

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Villa Nera is located at the top of a hill, in Kefalomandouko. It was built by the Vlahopoulos family, and was designed to take in the unique view, comfort, autonomy and the relaxing ease of sharing the comfortable common areas all through the day. Every detail of the interior and exterior spaces has been carefully planned. The highest quality materials have been selected while the style and amenities ensure luxury and elegance in the day to day use. Villa Nera enjoys modern architecture and decoration, ample natural light in all areas, magical views from all rooms and a beautiful garden with pool and amenities to make every moment sublime. In addition, there is a self-contained guest apartment in the same architectural style, which communicates with the villa if desired.

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Kefalomandouko is on a green hill rising above the historical district of Mandouki, on the outskirts of Corfu Town. It lies a stone’s throw from the port, very close to the airport and the Old Town of Corfu and is an ideal spot for excursions to the beaches and the countryside. The view from Kefalomandouko is special, a picture frame encompassing a varied view: the beauty of the natural landscape in all its manifestations. Between the untamed green of Corfu, the sea and the curved coastline, the mountains rise opposite.

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Entering the Old Fortress, the great bridge over the moat and the imposing gate will immediately take you to another era.  The sturdy fortifications with their bastions, turrets and secret passages built by the Venetians to repel fierce Ottoman attacks will take you back to the Middle Ages.

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The endless olive groves, the variations of the natural landscape and the road network stretching from one end of the island to the other, make it a pleasure to explore. Despite the development of tourism since the 1950s, Corfiot nature remains unspoilt with extremely rich vegetation in every shade of green. All along the coast there are beautiful beaches with golden sand, some with white pebbles, some rocky, many organized with luxurious facilities and others a deserted private paradise, to create the perfect summer destination.

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“Unique all year round!” Every visitor to Corfu, understands at first glance the specialness of this hospitable island. The charm of Corfu appeals to young and old alike because Corfu has it all: nature, beautiful beaches, infrastructure, architecture, culture, cosmopolitan flavour and colourful inhabitants.

Corfu is perfect all through the year: in spring it blossoms and attracts thousands of people thanks to its famous Easter celebrations. In summer it is the ultimate holiday island. In autumn the foliage is poetically romantic. In winter it comes alive with the customs of the feast of Agios Spyridon and Christmas.